Create Your Goals & Learn Strategies to Achieve them! Starts  Dec 10 onwards

Session 1:  Goal Setting

Session 2:  Time Management & Screen Time

Session 3:  Leadership

Session 4: Impactful Communication

Session 5: Social/Networking Skills

Session 6:  Relationship Intelligence

Session 7:  Strategies for Academic Success

Session 8: Thoughts & Emotion Management

The Young Leaders will Achieve




Self-Awareness & Self-Acceptance

Increased Focus & Concentration

Self-Discipline to achieve their goals

About Rajat Soni

Rajat Soni is an International Teen-Life & Parenting Coach. He is a Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation, an NLP Practitioner & an EFT Expert. Rajat helps parents understand their teens and teens understand themselves. He has transformed thousands of teenagers & parents through the innovative Success Toolbox he has created that not only equips children for success but more so, to deal with failure. Rajat has his Personal Coaching Clients who are children of bureaucrats, senior corporate leaders and business owners at both within & outside India.

Rajat is the author of the book "Un-Judge Your Teenager".

Rajat has been featured & covered by The Teenager Today & Life Positive Magazine, Newspapers like Indian Express & online platforms like Your Story. He has been a speaker on platforms like the National Entrepreneurship Network, Youth Leadership Conference, & also at the Learners Conclave at Lotus Valley International School, Gurugram.

Rajat's mission is to empower teenagers with positivity and purpose that enables them to think & act like a leader in day to day actions & behavior whether with family, friends at academics, or making decisions for their career.To know more click here 

What the Young Leaders will Learn

  • Session 1- Goal Setting : They set goals for themselves across each area of their life, friends, academics, career, personal growth and others to identify what they are awesome at and what they want to be more awesome at.

  • Session 2- Time Management & Screen Time: They Learn Strategies to not only create their schedules but also how to follow it. They reflect on their screen time and on the negative impact of excessive gadget time

  • Session 3 - Leadership: They learn their leadership styles to think & act like a leader in day to day life, imbibing skills of decision making , resilience & gratitude. 

  • Session 4 - Impactful Communication: They learn & implement tools to express themselves with clarity & confidence 

  • Session 5 - Social/Networking Skills: They learn how to come out of their comfort zones and make engaging conversations with others, to connect with people by listening to them with empathy.

  • Session 6 - Relationship Intelligence: They learn how to develop great relationships with their parents, siblings , peers & above all with themselves

  • Session 7 - Strategies for Academic Success:
    They learn practical concepts and strategies to become more awesome at subjects & improve their grades

  • Session 8 - Thoughts & Emotion Management:
    They learn how to structure their thoughts to process their emotions better coping with anxiety , aggression , guilt in more practical ways

What Parents Say

Coaching with Rajat has allowed my son to figure himself out, while balancing his education and his interests and become a balanced teenager. Rajat gives him the motivation and the tools to help him function at peak performance. I strongly recommend Rajat to everyone!

Gulraj Shahpuri, Business Coach & Influence Trainer

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